Alma Chamber Orchestra Concert pour la paix

Wael Binali


Wael Binali composed "Earth"

Wael BinaliQatari film music composer Wael Binali, born in London, England to Qatari and Lebanese parents has created a spectacular musical mosaic for television, film and live events. Wael's approach to music reflects his unique upbringing and his eclectic tastes.

While he burst onto the international scene after being commissioned to compose “Through Time”, a 17 minute piece for the opening  ceremonies of the 2006 Asian Games. Wael had already established himself as a dynamic young composer. He has worked with award-winning composers such as Christopher Young on the 2001 Golden Globe-nominated score for the major motion picture The Shipping News, as well as scores for the Runaway Jury, Something The Lord Made, and An Unfinished Life. He has a long-standing collaborative relationship with composer Lior Rosner on such films such as Rocket’s Red Glare for Fox Family Channel and the popular TV hit Power Rangers. He has also collaborated on composing original scores for the film Closure, the documentary SEEDS, and the Internet feature animation Atlantis Falling.

Although Wael has called California his home and his muse for several years, he drawas inspiration from  his international heritage, which spans from the western world to the Middle East. In much of his work, his heart is still in the Arabian Gulf State of Qatar. In 2006 Wael composed music for the opening ceremonies of the 2006 Asian Games held in Qatar, which were broadcast worldwide and are widely considered to be the most successful and sophisticated Asian Games to date. He has twice been commissioned to write major pieces for the Shafallah Center, an incredible facility for children with special needs organized under the partonage of Her Highness Sheika Moza Bint Nasser. In 2006, he composed the score to a documentary in Qatar about the center and wrote a piece inspired by the children and dedicated to Sheika Moza. In 2007, he wrote a piece for the second annual gala titles “Olive Moon”, honoring the children themselves and the two baby daughters of two of his closest friends. 2008 saw him composing the score to Doha’s  video bid for the 2016 Olympic Games and he came back to writing for the Shafallah Center in 2012 in his last of the three pieces “The Oryx and The Unicorn” as well as writing a piece for the United Nations COP 18 Climate Change Conference titles “Earth”.

Wael Started his music training in Scotland at Aberlour House and Gordonstoun School as an oboist under the tutelage of Miss Marjorie Downward. After graduating from Gordonstoun he moved to California to begin his training as a composer at Pepperdine University in Malibu where he studied Theory and Music Composition and graduated with a B.A. in Music History. His post-graduate experience is marked by his close work with many established composers. He trained at the University of California, Los Angeles with composer Mark Carlson, shortly after which he received his first post-graduate degree in Classical Composition at Trinity College of Music in London under the tutelage of British composers Andrew Lovett and Daryl Runswick. Here he joined Music Sculptors, a high profile music composition house, where he worked on several projects including Ware Documentary, the award-winning British drama series Where The Heart Is, and music for high-profile corporate clients. Whil completing his second post-graduate degree, Wael studied under Christopher Young, David Raskin, Elmer Bernstein and Leonard Rosenman at the University of Southern Califormnia Film Scoring program in Los Angeles.

About his creation "Earth"
"I was asked to write a piece for the United Nations COP 18 Climate Change conference. To me climate change, alongside the protection of animals and nature are issues close to my heart. I relished writing this and the 4 sections in it, Plunder, Wound, Renewal and Hope go through a diverse range of emotions from overusing the worlds resources to wounding our planet, and ending in a happier note denoting the fact that if we choose to, we can actually turn the events around and start being better custodians of this land. Earth was written for a 94 piece orchestra so when I was asked to have it be part of these concerts, I had to go back to it and get rid of more than half the orchestra. I am honored to have it be part of this tour and for this tour only, I have re-orchestrated it for the Alma Chamber Orchestra. This special version is dedicated to Zohra, who fought her battle with cancer and is no longer with us. In the same vein as with this planet, the music here goes through the emotions of anger, sadness to finally hope. It's ironic that we come into this planet as individuals and once we leave and are put to rest, we become part of the planet as a whole."System.String[]
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